Canela – Flamenco guitar group in Shanghai


Canela present Dreams of Al-Andalus, Classical, Arabic and Flamenco music for 2 guitars.

Bands, Music and Dance groups based in Shanghai

We currently have available:

  • Classical/Spanish Guitar  古典和西班牙吉他
  • Spanish Flamenco  西班牙弗拉门戈
    • 1 or two guitarists  吉他手
    • dancers with recorded music  舞蹈家
    • singer/guitar/percussion/dance  弗拉门戈团
  • Spanish fiesta – Sevillanas party: we can organize a full group with singers, dancers and guitarists for Sevillanas.

See the songs section for additional repetoire!

We are also looking for additional musicians for

  • Rumba and Latin group
  • Britpop group

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