Rumba and Hispanic

This is a selection of popular Spanish Rumba and Hispanic songs and pieces, suitable for parties and for students of Spanish.
  also for parties see Sevillanas and for more Spanish music see Flamenco and Spanish Guitar

Rumba is a Latin-influenced style popular throughout Spain and beyond, unlike pure Flamenco which is mainly popular in Andalucia in the South of Spain.

Rumba has a wide range of styles from slow and romantic to the fast hip-hop style of Rumba Catalana, and also the Rumba Flamenca, played using Flamenco styles and harmonies.

In Spain a large number of popular songs may also be played in a Rumba style, for example The Beatles – All My Loving Spanish Rumba version – YouTube because after all “la rumba es la madre y a ella todos les cantamos”.


Canciones populares

Popular Latin songs are often also sung in Flamenco style, either adapted to flamenco forms (Amor del Conuco – Rumba, Volver – Argentinian Tango converted to flamenco Bulerías rhythm) or simply sung in flamenco voice (examples by Diego el Cigala below), in the end it’s useless to classify the classic songs, play them how you like.

ingleño Guitar
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